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B2B software development project completed

A 6-month software development project for Cary, NC based Ascot Technologies was completed October 15, 2011. This was a client-server system running Java EE servlets on the server side and mobile compatible web applications on the client side. Here is a sample of the jQuery/jQTouch based client app running on an iPhone emulator:

Search page on iPhone

The web application runs in the native browser of the mobile device and looks like an iPhone app due to the use of jQTouch libraries. This image shows a portion of a search page that allows the user (usually a real estate agent) to set up a multiple parameter search within an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) database. Some of the search fields were designed with autocomplete functionality through Ajax routines, and some of those had interdependencies with other search fields.

This particular web app was designed to work on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and desktop systems. Browser compatibility was restricted to Firefox, Chrome and Safari, along with the native Android browser.

The client application also included the ability to map their location within the field of search returns using location services and either the Google or Mapquest mapping API. The application also included a gallery, built on one of the open source jQuery photo galleries that uses buffering – a welcome feature considering real-world data rates for 3G phones under less than ideal conditions.

It is an understatement to say trying to develop a single web application that runs on the devices listed here is difficult. In fact, half the battle is trying to decide on tradeoffs – what to give up so it works on everything.

In the end though, it was welcome income for my consulting operations and a great way to keep the old grey matter from completely turning to mush.