Countries demo



Countries is an Android app that demonstrates a method of communicating with a MySQL backend database through a simple server-side php script and the Java URLConnection class within the Android app.

Download here: countries.apk

It’s written for SDK min version 8, but should work for anything higher.

In the MySQL database, there is a simple table of countries with populations and internet country codes. Once downloaded, the user can choose between Population data or country code data when the country name is tapped. The data can be just about anything. For example, instead of countries, it can be parts for assembling and installing an electrical system.

Privacy notice

Synthegenic stores information when you run the demo application, in order to monitor usage. This information includes host IP Address, HTTP Referrer and User_agent. Note that Synthegenic does not distribute this information to any other people or entities, or in any way make it available for use by third parties.

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